AFS 2018 Proceedings

B2 Perceived versus Actual Investor Sophistication; A Behavioral Study
Stuart Michelson, Stetson University
Sarah George, Stetson University

D1 What Matters in ETF Selection?
David Nanigian, California State University, Fullerton

D3 Disability Type, Financial Capability, and Risky Asset Holding
Jing Jian Xiao, University of Rhode Island
Barbara O'Neill, Rutgers University

F1 Charitable Estate Planning Among Donors to Different Types of Charities
Jennifer Lehman, University of Utah
Russell James, Texas Tech University

G1 Financial Self-Assessment and Households’ Well-Being in an Emerging Market
Halil Kiymaz, Rollins College
Belma Öztürkkal, Kadir Has University

G2 Cost Efficiencies in the Management of Commodity Mutual Funds
D.K. Malhotra, Thomas Jefferson University
Tim Mooney, Thomas Jefferson University
Raymond Poteau, Thomas Jefferson University

G3 Gender Bias and the Selection of a Financial Advisor
Matthew Sommer, Kansas State University
Han Na Lim, Kansas State University
Maurice MacDonald, Kansas State University

H2 Do women trust financial advisors?
Cagla Yildirim, New Mexico State University
Charlene M. Kalenkoski, Texas Tech University

I1 Student Loans and Financial Satisfaction: The Moderating Role of Financial Education
Jae Min Lee, Minnesota State University
Kyoung Tae Kim, University Of Alabama
Jonghee Lee, Keimyung University

I2 Understanding a Client’s Impulse to Help Others: How Self Efficacy Relates to Giving Money and Time Away
Shane Enete, Kansas State University and Biola University
Stuart Heckman, Kansas State University

I2 Financial Knowledge and Financial Confidence as Mediators Between Gender and Positive Financial Behaviors
Somer G. Anderson, Maryville University
Camila Haselwood, Kansas State University
Martin C. Seay, Kansas State University

I4 Issues with the Transition Mechanism in the Actuarial Approach to Retirement Spending
Ken Johnston, Berry College
John Hatem, Georgia Southern University
Thomas Carnes, Berry College
Arman Kosedag, Berry College

J1 Association among Financial Risk Tolerance and the Personality Traits of Sensation-seeking, Locus of Control for Pre-retiree Baby Boomers
Abed Rabbani, University of Missouri
Anthea (Zheying) Yao, University of Missouri
Christina Wang, University of Missouri
University of Missouri, University of Georgia

P105 Risk Tolerance Profile of Cash Value Life Insurance Owners
Abed Rabbani, University of Missouri
Anthea (Zheying) Yao, University of Missouri
Dalisha Herring, University of Missouri

P106 Signaling Effect of Socially Conscious Mandate of Mutual Funds
Aman Sunder, College for Financial Planning
Nandita Das, Delaware State University
Bernadette Ruf, Delaware State University
Jennifer Coombs, College for Financial Planning
Dakota Moran, College for Financial Planning

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