The following AFS Board members or candidates for Board members have stepped up to volunteer for Officer positions. AFS is a volunteer only association and we appreciate the time and commitment that our volunteers make to help the association progress. For each candidate we have provided a CV, cover letter and/or a short video (all under 2 minutes) of why they are running for the position.

In trying to align more with the Association's bylaws, AFS is returning to an election by the membership on all Officer and most Director positions. Officer terms have been aligned with the bylaws of AFS (some were to start odd numbered years, some even years). Members will have the option to vote in favor of or abstain from voting for Officer Candidates (where we have more than one candidate for an officer role like VP Finance, you will vote for the position). The roles of Past-President (Tom Potts) and Editor of FSR (John Grable) are not voted on by membership. The President role is usually automatically appointed from the President-Elect role which is an elected position.

 Role  Candidate  Comments/Links

 President (2024-2025)

 Shawn Brayman

Shawn Brayman, VP Marketing & PR has stepped forward as a candidate for President. 


 President Elect (2024 -2025)    We do not have a candidate at this time. We will aggressivelt search for candidates in the 2024 Election for a 1 year term. This person would then become President in 2026-2027.
 Executive VP Program (2024-2025)  Michelle Cull  Michelle Cull has been a Director on the AFS Board for 2022-2023. She has stepped forward as a candidate for the office of EVP Program which will be responsible for the 2024 Annual Research Conference. 
 VP Finance (2024-2026)  Thanh Ngo  The VP Finance is a 3 year role. Thanh Ngo is a new Board Member Candidate.
VP Finance (2024-2026) Thomas KorankyeThe VP Finance is a 3 year role. Thomas Korankye is a new Board Member Candidate.
 VP International (2024)  Jasmine Fang

 Jasmine Fang is a Director of AFS for 2023-2024. She has stepped forward as a candidate for VP International which is vacated by Michelle Cull. 


 VP InternationalMustafa Nourallah Mustafa Nourallah is a new Board Member Candidate and has stepped forward as a candidate for VP International. See his video below. 
 VP Communications    We do not have a candidate at this time
 VP Marketing & PR (2024 - 2025)  Cora Pettipas  Cora Pettipas is currently the VP Membership and has stepped forward to assume the role of VP Marketing & PR which is a two year Officer role starting 2024.
 VP Membership (2024)  Matt Goren  Matt Goren is a new Director Candidate and has stepped forward as a candidate for the VP Membership role vacated by Cora Pettipas.


Directors of the Board of the Academy of Financial Services are elected positions for a two-year term. Each year a slate of seven directors is to be elected by the membership. For 2024-2025, we are pleased to present an exceptional slate of candidates. You will have the opportunity to vote for 7 of these 15 candidates.

Candidate  Officer Role


 CV  Video
 Valerie Ballesteros  

Cover Letter

 Qianwen (Rachel) Bi    
 Heiwei Chen   Cover Letter  CV  Video
 Michelle Cull  EVP Program  Cover Letter  CV  
 Micheal Curry    Cover Letter  CV  
 Matt Goren  VP Membership  Cover Letter  CV  Video
 Benjamin Jansen    Cover Letter  CV  Video
 Thomas Korankye  VP Finance  Cover Letter  CV  Video
 Eun Jin Kwak    Cover Letter  CV  Video 
 Kirsten MacDonald   CV Video
 Ben Neilson    Cover Letter  CV  
 Thanh Ngo  VP Finance  Cover Letter CV  Video
 Mustafa Nourallah  VP International Cover Letter CV  Video
Richard Stebbins    Cover Letter CV  Video
 Yu (Yulia) Zhang  

 Cover Letter

CV  Video


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