AFS 2010 Proceedings

(1A) Mutual Fund Tax Efficiency and Investment Selection
DK Malhotra, Philadelphia University
Rand Martin, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
C. Andrew Lafond, The College of New Jersey

(1D) Sequence Risk: Managing Retiree Exposure to Sequence Risk Through Probability of Failure Based Decision Rules
Larry R Frank Sr., Better Financial Education
Joachim Klement, Wellershoff & Partners Ltd.
John Mitchell, Central Michigan University

(2A) Retirement Plan Choice Among Faculty
Raminder Luther, Salem State College
Sanjay Kudrimoti, Salem State College

(2A) Retirement Preparation: Capital Accumulation Ratio Fluctuations over Time
Jodi Letkiewicz, Ohio State University

(2B) A Tale of Two Analyses: The Need for Standardized Reporting in Qualitative
Suzanne Lindamood, Ohio Legislative Service Commission
Sherman D. Hanna, Ohio State University

(2C) Practical Application of Neuroeconomics for Financial Advisors to Improve Investor Outcomes
Stacia Hatfield, SEh Inc.

(2C) Mind Over Money; Money Beliefs and Financial Behaviors; Development of the Klontz-Money Script Inventory
Paul T. Klontz, Klontz Consulting Group
Brad Klontz, Klontz Consulting Group, Kansas State University
Sonya Britt, Kansas State University

(2D) Can Typical Households Earn Hedge Fund Returns?
James Chong, California State University, Northridge
G. Michael Phillips, California State University, Northridge

(2D) Screening for Corporate Social Responsibility
John Dravenstott, Ohio University
Natalie Chieffe, Ohio University

(2D) The Importance of Sector Constraints
Jeanie Wyatt, South Texas Money Management
James Kee, South Texas Money Management

(3A) Roth Conversion and Estate Planning
V. Sivarama Krishnan, University of Central Oklahoma

(3C) A Profile of Financial Planning for Women Participants: Implications for Education and Advising
Jean M. Lown, Utah State University

(3C) A second life or same old story once again?
Frank Qifan Wang, Ohio State University

(4A) The Financial Basis for No Lapse Universal Life Insurance
Lise Graham, University of Wisconsin La Crosse
David R Lange, Auburn University Montgomery

(4C) What’s in a Number? An Exploratory Analysis of the Impact of Reporting Errors on Consumer Credit Scores
Thomas H. Eyssell, UMSL Financial Planning Program
L. Douglas Smith, University of Missouri
Michael Staten, University of Arizona
Chloe Gray-Legcoz
L. Douglas Smith, University of Missouri

(4C) The Demand for Financial Planning Services
Sherman D. Hanna, Ohio State University

(4C) Clients, Commissions, and Potential Conflicts of Interest: Registered Investment Advisers in the U.S.
Lukas R. Dean, Texas Tech University

(4D) Active Portfolio Management across Business Cycles
Harold Evensky, Texas Tech University
Shaun Pfeiffer, Texas Tech University

(4E) Special Needs Trusts: Detrimental Use of the Sole Benefit Rule
Mitzi K. Lauderdale, Texas Tech University

(4E) Progressing Towards Empowering Caregivers and Planners with Special Needs Planning Resources
Mitzi K. Lauderdale, Texas Tech University
Dottie Durband, Texas Tech University
Janine K. Scott, Texas Tech University
Nicole Springer, Texas Tech University

(5B) Performance Gap: The Impact of Broker Advice and Aggregate Market Conditions
Michael Finke, Texas Tech University
Shaun Pfeiffer, Texas Tech University

(5B) A Long-Run Solution to Inadequate Social Security Benefit Payouts
Robert W. Moreschi, Virginia Military Institute

(5D) Predicting Bond Fund Returns
Dale Domian, York University
William Reichenstein, Baylor University

(6A) How the Mortgage Crisis Has Affected the Tax Lien Market
Cris de la Torre, University of Northern Colorado

(6A) Fixed or floating? The borrowers’ dilemma
Claire Matthews, Massey University
Zaihua Zhang, Massey University

(6B) Factors Determining Attitudes toward the Use Technology to Plan for Retirement: An Empirical Analysis
C. Augusto Casas, St Thomas Aquinas College

(6B) Content Analysis of Financial Services Review
Sherman D. Hanna, Ohio State University

(6C) Insuring Defined-Benefit Plan Value – An Examination of the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) Decision
Ken Davis, USAF Academy
Steven Fraser, Florida Gulf Coast University

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