AFS 2011 Proceedings

(A1) An Age-Based, Three Dimensional, Universal Distribution Model Incorporating Sequence Risk
Larry R. Frank, Better Financial Education
John B. Mitchell, Central Michigan University
David M. Blanchett, Unified Trust Company, NA

(A2) Asset Allocation, Human Capital, and the Demand to Hold Life Insurance in Retirement
Patrick J. Collins, Schultz Collins
Huy D. Lam, Schultz Collins

(A2) Understanding the Shift in Demand for Cash Value Life Insurance
Barry Mulholland, Texas Tech University
Michael S. Finke, Texas Tech University
Sandra Huston, Texas Tech University

(A3) Foreign Exchange Market Movements: A New Look
Syed A. Hyat, Central Connecticut State University

(B2) Defining and Measuring Risk Capacity
Shawn Brayman, PlanPlus Inc.

(B3) Foreign Exchange Effects and Share Prices
Arnold L. Redman, The University of Tennessee at Martin
Nell S. Gullett, The University of Tennessee at Martin
Ryan Stover, Ameriprise Financial

(B4) The Influence of Gender and Race on the Social Security Early Retirement Decision for Single Individuals
Diane Scott Docking, Northern Illinois University
Richard Fortin, New Mexico State University
Stuart Michelson, Stetson University

(C3) Which Small Business Owner-Manager Households are Financially Vulnerable?
HoJun Ji, The Ohio State University
Sherman D. Hanna, The Ohio State University

(D1) Do Two Negatives Make Good News or Worse News? Extending Textual Analysis of Corporate Disclosures beyond Counting Words
Miranda Lam, Salem State University
Jim Morriss, Black Dog Research

(D2) Risks and Opportunities of Inverse ETFs for Long Term Investors
James A. DiLellio, Pepperdine University
Darrol J. Stanley, Pepperdine University
Rick Hesse, Pepperdine University

(D4) How Mad is Mad Money: Jim Cramer as a Stock Picker and Portfolio Manager
Paul J. Bolster, Northeastern University
Emery A. Trahan, Northeastern University
Anand Venkateswaran, Northeastern University

(D4) Consumer Optimism and Saving Behavior
Han Na Lim, The Ohio State University
Sherman D. Hanna, The Ohio State University
Catherine P. Montalto, The Ohio State University

(D5) Long-Run Returns for Retirement Portfolios: New Evidence
Charles Rayhorn, Northern Michigan University
Kenneth Janson, Northern Michigan University

(D5) Which Retirement Investment Vehicle Generates the Greatest Return?
John Aulerich, West Liberty University

(E1) Re-Examination of Exchange Rate Determinants using Non-Parity Factors
Catherine S. F. Ho, University of Technology MARA
M. Ariff, Bond University

(E1) Focusing on Communication: CEO Letters of Securities Brokerage Firms in Times of Financial Market Distress
Lorene Hiris, Long Island University
Gina Poncini, University of Milan

(E3) Factors Associated with Ownership in Small Business Retirement Plans
Hyrum L. Smith, Virginia Tech
Lukas R. Dean, William Paterson University
Jacob P. Sybrowsky, Utah Valley University

(F1) Efficiency Measurement and Determinants of Indonesia Bank Efficiency
Viverita, Bond University
Mohamed Ariff, Bond University

(F2) The Relation between Internet Use and Financial Planner Use for Savings and Investment Decisions
Jiyeon Son, The Ohio State University
Sherman D. Hanna, The Ohio State University

(G1) Financial Planning Unique with a Faith Based Initiative
Flora Williams, Purdue University

(G3) Universal Life Insurance Duration Measures
Peter Alonzi, Dominican University
David R Lange, Auburn University Montgomery
Betty J. Simkins, Oklahoma State University

(G3) The Determinants of Planned Retirement Age
Lishu Zhang, Ohio State University
Sherman D. Hanna, Ohio State University

(H2) Ethnicity and Retirement Wealth
Michael J. Naylor, Massey University
Fialupe Lotoala, Massey University

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