2023 Conference: Advanced Research in Financial Planning

September 26-27, 2023, Phoenix AZ

Held in conjunction with FPA Annual Conference, September 27-29

NOTE: Dates are subject to change but will be between September 26th and 29th, 2023 in Phoenix.


The Academy of Financial Services is proud to have academic, student and practitioner members and Board of Directors members from multiple countries – USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and more. In respect of our international membership and concerns about climate change, we are excited to announce our intention to make this the first “hybrid research conference” supporting both face-to-face attendance in Phoenix and virtual attendance of both presenters and attendees.

With the Phoenix location, AFS hopes to schedule academic presentations from New Zealand and Australia at 8:00am local-Sydney/3PM Phoenix time and presentations from the UK at 3:00pm local (GMT) and 8:00am Phoenix time. Sessions will be recorded to allow attendees to access sessions that are not streamed at suitable times in their location, at their own convenience.  As a result of the hybrid format, we welcome submissions and participation from our colleagues globally. The Steering Committee is working with CFP® affiliates in Canada, Australia and elsewhere to ensure maximum exposure of research to practitioners. 



Registration is scheduled to Open on May 4th in conjunction with FPA Annual Conference. At that time details will be provided on Conference and Hotel Registration.

NOTE: If you would like to remain informed, please register at no cost as a FSR Journal Member. This will provide you with free access to the Financial Services Review as well as receiving  member updates. You have full control in your member preferences of any communications.

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