AFS 2015 Proceedings

A1 The Stickiness Of Cash Inflow Timing: How Do Source Of Inflow And Timing Affect Spending V. Saving?

Valrie Chambers, Stetson University

Marilyn Spencer, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi

A3 Management fees and portfolio performance: Who can charge higher Portfolio Management Fees and Why?

Russell B. Gregory-Allen, Massey University

Hany A. Shawky, Albany University

A3 The Impact of Age Differences and Race on the Social Security Early Retirement Decision for Married Same Sex Couples

Diane Scott Docking, Northern Illinois University

Rich Fortin, New Mexico State University

Stuart Michelson, Stetson University

A4 Impact Of Ted Spread, Bond Spread, And Vix On Stock Market Returns, Oil Prices, Home Prices And Exchange Rates

Akash Dania, Alcorn State Universit

D.K. Malhotra, Philadelphia University

B1 Risk Profiling Approaches Used By CanadianInvestment Firms

Shawn Brayman, PlanPlus Inc

B1 Household Ratio Guidelines for the Amount of Investments

Sherman D. Hanna, Ohio State University

KyoungTae Kim, University of Alabama

B1 Children’s College as a Saving Goal

Congrong Ouyang, Ohio State University

Sherman D. Hanna, Ohio State University

B2 Implied Volatility Factors

Timothy Krause, Penn State Behrend

Donald Lien, University of Texas at San Antonio

B2 Building Optimal Risky And Utility Maximizing TIAA/CRE Portfolios

Larry J. Prather, Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Han-Sheng Chen, Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Ying-Chou Lin, Southeastern Oklahoma State University

B3_Money: Worries And The Feeling Of Financial Preparedness During College Years

Inga Chira, California State University – Northridge

Bret Scott, Oregon State University

Amy Bourne, Oregon State University

Jenna Wiegand, Oregon State University

C1 Determinates of Long-Term Care Insurance Purchase

Mary E. Dorn, University of Missouri-Columbia

Dalisha Herring, University of Missouri-Columbia

Geri Dickey, LCSW Park University

C2 Assessing Performance of Morningstar’s Star Rating System for Stocks

Paul Bolster, Northeastern University

Emery Trahan, Northeastern University

Pinshuo Wang, Northeastern University

C2 Risk-shifting, Equity Risk, and the Distress Puzzle

Keming Li, University of Minnesota – Duluth

Jimmy Lockwood, Colorado State University

Hong Miao, Colorado State University

D1 Efficacy of Publically-Available Retirement Planning Tools

Taft Dorman, Texas Tech University

Harold Evensky, Evensky & Katz

Barry Mulholland, Texas Tech University

Qianwen Bi,  Utah Valley University

D1 To Roth or Not: A Review and Analysis of Retirement Plan and Conversion Options

V. Sivarama Krishnan, University of Central Oklahoma

Julie Cumbie, University of Central Oklahoma

D2 Corporate Governance in Mutual Funds The Impact of Holdings Disclosure

Russell Gregory-Allen, Massey University

Kathleen Thompson, Bancorp Treasury

D3 Personal finance education and subsequent financial decision-making

Philip Gibson, Winthrop University

Janine K. Scott, Massey University

D3 Women and Money

Sherman Hanna, Ohio State University

Suzanne Lindamood, Columbus, Ohio

D3 How Young New Zealanders Perceive Political & Financial Wellbeing: A Longitudinal Study Election Year Update

Jeffrey  Stangl, Massey  University

Claire  Matthews, Massey  University

D4 Do Finances Influence the Decision to Divorce or Reconcile?

Hannah Plauche, Louisiana State University

Frances Lawrence, Louisiana State University

Loren Marks, Louisiana State University

E3 A New Multi-Band Approach For Optimizing Taxes Based On Order Of Depletion Of Accounts

Shawn Brayman, PlanPlus

Kira Brayman, Oxford University

E2 How Risky Is Your Retirement Income Risk Model?

Patrick Collin, University of San Francisco

Huy Lam, Schultz Collins, Inc

Josh Stampfli

E3 The Relationship Between Personality Type and Investor Risk Preferences

Stuart Michelson,  Stetson University

Andrew Williams,  Stetson University

E3 Information Disclosure, Product Market Competition, and Firm Value

Kung-Cheng Ho, Yuan Ze University

Shih-Cheng Lee, Yuan Ze University

Chien-Ting Lin, Deakin University

Lee-Hsien Pan, Keuka College

F1 A Life Cycle Model with Joint Decisions for Household Life Insurance Demand

Ning Wang, Valdosta State University

F2 An Exact, Optimal Strategy for Traditional vs. Roth IRA/401(k) Consumption During Retirement

James DiLellio, Pepperdine University

Daniel Ostrov, Santa Clara University

F2 Usage of Financial Planning Advice and Financial Satisfaction: Implications for Financial Planners

Jing Jian Xiao, University of Rhode Island

F3 Which Households Could Have Expected a Substantial Income Drop During the Great Recession?

Eunice Hong, Sung Shin Women’s University

Sherman Hanna, Ohio State University

Poster: Does financial literacy increase demand for financial planners?

Lua Augustin, Texas Tech University

Michael Finke, Texas Tech University

Terrance Martin, University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley

Poster:  Treatment of Inflation in Retirement Planning

Sherman Hanna, Ohio State University

Poster: the Influence of Mental Health on Portfolio Choice of Elderly Households

Cheuk Hee Cheung, Ohio State University

Poster: The Ability to Hedge House Price Risk: Are we there yet? Should we be?

Dag Einar Sommervoll, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Steve Swidler, Auburn University

Poster: Migrating with Black Swans: Climate Change and Retirement Planning

John Mitchall, Central Michigan University