AFS 2013 Proceedings

(A1) Asset Allocation in Tax-Deferred Pensions and the Role of Employer Matches

Li, Zhe


(A3) The Impact of Age Differences and Race on the Social Security Early Retirement Decision for Married Couples

Docking, Diane

Fortin, Rich

Michelson, Stuart


(A3) An Indirect Approach to Improving Credit Scores: A Search for Influential Demographics in Metropolitan Areas

Newman, Anna

Newman, Joseph A


(B1) Does Cognitive Ability Affect the Stock Reallocation Decisions of Older Investors Following the Great Recession?

Browning, Chris

Finke, Michael


(B2) The Effect of Financial Literacy on Retirement Planning

Andrade, Cristina

Bazelais, Wesner

Das, Nandita


(B3) Do U.S. Households Perceive Their Retirement Preparedness ‘Rationally’?

Kim, Kyoung Tae

Hanna, Sherman


(C1) Assessing Economic Security of Low Income Households in the United States

Lee, Jae Min

Kim, Kyoung Tae


(C1) Which Household Have Adequate Emergency Funds After the Great Recession? Estimates Based on an Income Measure and a Spending Measure

Hong, Eunice

Hanna, Sherman

Kim, Kyoung Tae


(C2) Financial Literacy of U.S. Households: Knowledge vs. Long-Term Financial Planning

Alhenawi, Yasser

Elkhal, Khaled


(C4) Self-Assessment of Risk Tolerance

Moreschi, Robert W.

Cobb, Barry R.


(C4)  From Saving to Investing: An Examination of Risk in Companies with Direct Stock Purchase Plans that Pay Dividends

Johnson, Raymond M.

Newman, Joseph A.


(D1) The Relationship between Investor Risk Tolerance and Personality Assessment Measures

Michelson, Stuart

Mottarella, Karen


(D1) Stock Market Expectations and Risk Aversion of Individual Investors

Lee, Boram

Rosenthal, Leonard

Veld, Chris

Veld-Merkoulova, Yulia


(D1) Risk Tolerance: By Habit or Loss Averse, Sentiment-Driven Investor?

Guillemette, Michael

Nanigian, David


(D3) The LSI or DCA Decision: Investing Strategies for the Lump-Sum Averse

Payne, Lt Col Brian C.

Bredthauer, Jeff


(E1) Investment versus Investor Returns: Evidence from Defined Contribution Plans

Lach, Patrick A.

Root, Kevin C.


(E1) Issues with Choosing the Right Target Date Funds for your 401(K) Plan: Considerations for Investment Committees

Lach, Patrick A.

Root, Kevin C.


(E1) Long-Run Returns for Retirement Portfolios: New Evidence

Rayhorn, Charles R.

Janson, Kenneth


(E2) Commission-Free Exchange-Traded Funds – Are Individual Investors Always Better Off?

DiLellio, James

Goldfeder, Philip M.


(F1) Money Market Mutual Funds: Investment Implications to Individual Investors in High Systematic Risk Periods

Zhao, Aiwu

Zeidan, Jonathan


(F1) Mutual Fund’s R2 and the Benefits of Multiple-fund Portfolios

Domian, Dale

Nanigian, David


(F2) What Homebuyers Need to Know about the Differential Risk of Mortgages

Prather, Larry J.

Lin, Che-Chun

Chu, Ting-Heng


(F4) An Examination of U.S. Institutional Investor Sentiment Effect on the Turkish Stock Market

Sayim, Mustafa

Rahman, Hamid


(F4) How to Evaluate the Share Price Performance during CEO Tenure: The Case of Josef Ackermann’s Stewardship at Deutsche Bank

Späthe, Stephan


(G1) The Cost of Guaranteed Income: A Consumer-oriented Approach to Considering the Value proposition of Variable Annuities with Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit Riders

Chang, Rosia P.

DeJong, Jr., Jack C.

Liq, Qianqin

Robinson, John H.

Suyderboud, Jack


(G1) Worker Expectations of Never Being Able to Retire

Hanna, Sherman

Zhang, Lishu


(G1) Employee Benefit and Retirement Planning – A Learner-Centered Teaching Approach

Lange, David

Simkins, Betty J.



(G2) Establishing Financial Leadership Lab/Trading Room with Limited Resources

Norton, Kenneth

Kim, Jaehoon


(G2) How Young New Zealanders Learn About Personal Finance: A Longitudinal Study

Stangl, Jeffrey

Matthews, Claire


(G3) Lifetime Expected Income Comparison between SPIAs and an Age-Based, Three-Dimensional, Universal Distribution Model.

Frank Sr., Larry R.

Mitchell, John B.

Pfau, Wade


(G4) The Increasing Problem of Household Debt Payment Delinquency of Hispanic Households

Lee, Johghee

Hanna, Sherman

Lindamood, Suzanne


(G4) Racial/Ethnic Difference in Risky Assets Ownership after the Financial Crisis

Shin, Su Hyun

Hanna, Sherman


(H1) Why Buy Accident Forgiveness Policies? An Experiment

Liu, Fan


(H1) The Extent of Underinsurance: New Zealand evidence

Naylor, Michael J.

Matthews, Claire

Birks, Stuart