AFS 2012 Proceedings

(A1)  A Test of a Composite  Measure for Common Stock Momentum Investing

             A. J. Senchack, Southwestern University


(A2)  The  Influence of Race on the Social Security Early Retirement Decision for Married  Couples

             Diane Docking, University of Northern Illinois

             Rich Fortin, New Mexico State University

             Stuart Michelson, Stetson University


(A3)  Market Timing Risk in  Laddering a CD Portfolio

              Don Taylor, Penn State Brandywine


(A4)  Charitable Estate  Planning as Visualized Autobiography: An fMRI Study of its Neural Correlates

             Russell James III, Texas Tech University

             Michael W. O’Boyle, Texas Tech University


(B2)  Investing in  Morningstar Five-Star Stock Upgrades: Price and Style Effects

             Paul J. Bolster, Northeastern University

             Emery A. Trahan, Northeastern University


(B3)  How Much Life  Insurance Do You Need?

             Chris Robinson, York University

             Victoria Zaremba, Office of the Attorney General of Ontario


(B4)  Parameter  Assumptions in Normative Analyses of Household Financial Decisions

             Sherman D. Hanna, The Ohio State University

             Kyoung Tae Kim, The Ohio State University

             Fen Liu, The Ohio State University


(B4)  Pure Time Preference  or Situational? What Does the Survey of Consumer Finances Planning Horizon  Variable Measure?

             Eunice O. Hong, The Ohio State University

             Sherman D. Hanna, The Ohio State University


(C1)  Financial Knowledge and  Student Loan Usage in College Students

             Victoria Javine, University of South Alabama

             Tajuana Williams, University of South Alabama


(C2)  Using Trusts as a Means  to Reduce Retirement Funding Shortfall

            Robert  Moreschi, Virginia Military Institute


(C4)  Special Needs  Caregivers:  An Increased Need for Support and Professional Guidance

             Mitzi Lauderdale, Texas Tech University

             Sandra Huston, Texas Tech University


(D2)  Portfolio Size:  Revisited

             James Chong, California State University – Northridge; MacroRisk Analytics

             G. Michael Phillips, California State University – Northridge; MacroRisk  Analytics


(D3)  Optimizing  Portfolio Liquidation Under Risk-Based Margin Requirements

             Geng Deng, Securities Litigation and Consulting Group

             Tim Dulaney, Securities Litigation and Consulting Group

             Craig McCann, Securities Litigation and Consulting Group


(D4)  Comparing Apples to  Oranges: Lessons from Corporate Finance for Analyzing Mortgage Payments and Rent

             Dale L. Domian, York University

             Robert C. Wolf, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse


(E3)  Retirement Distributions: Retiree Transition from Young, through Very Elderly  Superannuated Ages. An Age Based, 3-D Dynamic Distribution Model

             Larry Frank, Better Financial Education

             John B. Mitchell, Central Michigan University

             David M. Blanchett, Morningstar Investment Management


(E4)  Intergenerational Transfer of Financial Literacy

             Claire Matthews, Massey University

             Bob Lissington, Massey University


(E4)  What is Financial Literacy,  and does Financial Literacy Education Achieve its Objectives?  Evidence  from Banks, Government Agencies and Financial Literacy Educators in England.

             Normala Lee, London Metropolitan University


(F1) Why  do Mutual Fund Expenses Matter?

             David Nanigian, The American College


(F1)  What Individual Investors  should Know about Load Effects on Mutual Fund Risk

             Larry Prather, Southeastern Oklahoma State University


(F2) Examining  the Savings Habits of Individuals with Present-Fatalistic Time Perspectives  using the Theory of Planned Behavior

             Robert Rodermund, Lindenwood University


(F2)  A Phenomenological Study  of the Lived Experience of Individual Savings Rates and How They Impact Life  Satisfaction

             Jack Sterling, The Westminster Group


(F3)  Competency Based Action  Learning: A New Curriculum Synthesis for Financial Literacy Education

             Nirmala Lee, London Metropolitan University


(F3)  Understanding  Minority Households as Consumers of Financial Services

             Alicia Rodriguez de Rubio, University of the Incarnate Word


(G1)  The Illusion that More  Conservative Portfolios Address Risk Capacity Issues

             Shawn Brayman, Plan Plus Inc.


(G2)  Factors Related to  Saving Behavior among Low-Income Households in the 1992-2007 Survey of Consumer  Finances

             Stuart Heckman, The Ohio State University

             Sherman D. Hanna, The Ohio State University


(G2)  The Influence of  Saving Objectives on Saving:  First Response Versus Any Response for Objectives

             Jae Min Lee, The Ohio State University

             Sherman D. Hanna, The Ohio State University


(G3)  Perceptions of  Financial Planners Regarding Factors that Affect the Development of Planning and  Client Communication Techniques in Practice

             Charles R. Chaffin, Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc.

             Benjamin F. Cummings, Saint Joseph’s University


(G3)  Switching Financial  Advisors: An fMRI Study of Its Neural Correlates

             Russell James III, Texas Tech University


(G4)  Is the  Federal Debt Raising Corporate Profits and Reducing Labor’s Share of National  Income?

             John Golob, Retired, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City


(H1)  Negative Net  Worth and the Life Cycle Hypothesis

             Travis P. Mountain, The Ohio State University

             Sherman D. Hanna, The Ohio State University


(H1)  Payday Loans:  A Socially Responsible Industry?

             Mark Schwartz, York University

             Chris Robinson, York University


(H2)  Community  Service and Service Learning Among Accounting and Law Students

             Cathy Bowen, Penn State

             Keith Elkin, Penn State

             Benjamin Lansford, Penn State


(H4)  Capitalizing on the  Greatest Anomaly in Finance with Mutual Funds

             David Nanigian, The American College